King and Holland are best friends sharing their #mumlife  A Fashion and Lifestyle Blog, following Danielle King and Sarita Holland, The girls first met when auditioning to be the models on ‘The Price is Right’. After realising Danielle had just shot a job with Sarita’s partner, Brodie, they instantly hit it off and before they knew it, were travelling to Hong Kong and China to model together.

A few years later, the girls decided to start a modelling course, Model Behaviour, teaching young girl the tricks of the trade, whilst focussing on building their confidence. After discovering a gap in the accessories market, a new business venture emerged called Secret Weapons and the girls designed, manufactured and distributed a range of fashion accessories. They were both married in Bali, with their weddings only three days apart and the tribe then began!

Sarita and Brodie parents of three are expert child wranglers with daughter Stevie 7 and identical twin boys Kip and Bowie (6) not to mention a furry friend.

Sarita and Brodie faced a great challenge when they fell pregnant with the twins 2.5 months after giving birth to Stevie. It was difficult for Sarita to leave the house on her own because she couldn’t push the 2 prams (1 for the twins and 1 for Stevie). Sarita describes Brodie as “the most incredible father” as he showed so much strength and support through this time. Their goal is for their children to have a “magical childhood”.

“We’re the kind of parent who go all out with Christmas, tooth fairy, Easter bunny- we love all that stuff and really do love for he smiles on our kids faces.” – Sarita

But it’s not always all children Sarita is has unique and interesting style that is relatable with touch of aspiration. Found in more casual styles during the day her go to is drop crotch pants and logo tee and for events or evenings she loves to wear something striking often with a point of difference. There isn’t one particular style, very modern in this way Sarita will mix boho, high street fashion, casual cool with the occasional designer piece.

A model from the age of 15 Sarita has been fortunate enough to make a full time living from modelling. During her early years Sarita did lots of tv work and catalogues.

Sarita, Brodie, Stevie, Kip and Bowie live a relaxed lifestyle which can be spontaneous where they pack up a picnic and head down to the local park or pop out for a kick of the football or game of cricket. You may also find their tribe in a cafe, movie theatre or shopping.

“I’d say I’m quite relaxed in that I like my children to make choices and I try not to sweat the small stuff.” – Sarita

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